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Who We Are

André Delsaut
Following a professional training based on Art Market Consulting and Specialist drouot-formation and benefiting from a daily contact with art works as well as a considerable group of actors in the field (auctioneers, experts, merchants), this training gave me a twofold knowledge and understanding.
On the one hand, reasoned technical expertise and, on the other hand, the ability to widely communicate and interact in this defined professional context in order to adapt to situations and settings to better understand the specific expectations, wants, and needs of the client.
The polished searching, finding, and study of furniture, art works, and objets d'art on the international market (with bidding or acquisition in mind), buying and selling, expert appraisal, inventories...



Ludi Cossart

As Jean Cocteau said, "Fashions are a turning beacon"; this maxim can, to a certain extent, sum up my background and career path: a progression where the needs of collectors, professionals and non-professionals in addition to the various meetings I made during my art history studies have let me engage in the art market world and those who keep it humming.


The euphoria of the auction rooms for this or that object, the catalogs which display the jewels of French or European heritage sharpened my curiosity. Secondly, documentation as well as the archiving of furniture and objects d'art from the "Haute Epoque" of the 19th century led me to choose the path of art expertise and consulting.


I have certainly been boosted by several years of experience in the field not only during my years of studies in Paris, but also by time spent at sales in and outside of Paris, and through a constant contact with collectors interrelated by a year of continued studies at Drouot Formation : Art Expertise, Law, and Fiscality in the Art Market. I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of the art market as part of home furnishing so that your surroundings can showcase your collections and exceptional objects. 

Our Collaboration

Our knowledgeable partnership allows us to appropriately advise you...Complimentary estimations for your works of art, including antique furniture, paintings, and sculptures...We can assist in increasing the value of your objet d'art and propose the most suitable solution for its sale on the market.


Whether it's an inheritance, an inventory, or a move, we present the best-suited solution for your needs...A private and complimentary appraisal is always offered.

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