Coaching and Decoration



Interior and Exterior Decoration
Today, a work of art has shifted to being an investment to a consumer good. A decoration project is first and foremost a partership. The client puts forward his or her tastes and wants but also technical limitations including space and budget. We bring our know-how, our 'savoir faire', based on experience, ideas, creativity, and inventiveness so that, together, we can conceptualize an interior.
Our job is to identify, bring out, and highlight the wants and needs of each client and find a synergy...To breathe poetry and elegance into life.  



Decorative Coaching
...Advising individuals and businesses in remodeling and accentuating interiors based on their style...
...Creating a decoration attuned to personalities, backgrounds, experiences, and emotions...
...Proposing a decoration adapted to suit our clients based on understanding their expectations and sensibilities...
...Finding the perfect harmony between the client's personality and his or her habitat...
These reflections and considerations bring out a unique style, a true revealing of the client

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